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 We’re from Southern NH, and absolutely love traveling throughout all of New England with no travel fees (booya!).

DOWN-to-earth NH wedding photography team

for fun, lighthearted couples who value connection!

Samantha is also a marketing educator for other photographers & wedding professionals, teaching them how to get booked up with dream clients. If that’s you, join her Facebook community of over 21,000 photographers here: Booked Up Photographers & Wedding Pros

Thinking about videography for your wedding day?! We LOVE to work alongside Alex Nguyen Films, a kick-ass videographer who creates AMAZING, make-you-cry, emotion-filled wedding that way you know your photo & video experience will be easy, seamless, and fun.

We have an adorably doofy pup, Kaida (Kay-duh!), and the most gentle loving puppy, Kallie, who together make up our whole world!

Sam often goes to movie theaters just to buy buttery and overly salted popcorn and then leave. When she can’t do that (booo, 2020!), she eats cotton candy almost daily instead.

Sam recently came out as queer! Read about it in her blog post here.

We both love How I Met Your Mother, and we totally hated the last episode. 

Speaking of that, you should also know we’re in a top secret government space program called Secret NASA, or SNASA.

Once, Sam and Mike drove 4.5 hours to his parents house just to watch Jurassic Park on their big TV (because Sam had never seen it before and a small TV wouldn’t do it justice)...then came home all in the same day. #dedicated

Fun Facts About Sam & Mike

 (that have nothing to do with photography, but we still think you should know!)

My why is about the moments you can't get back.

The emotions that are real in that moment. Another really big motivation for me is that you never know when you may lose someone important in your life - and a wedding day may be the last time a family is all together. Those emotional, love-filled moments that are really quick but really precious are the moments I live for during weddings - like grandpa crying during the ceremony or the look of overflowing pride on dad's face during the father daughter dance.

Samantha's "why"

I love capturing the connections and happiness between people - especially the candid moments.

Those are the memories that are always so fun and meaningful to look back on. You don't know why our couples are happy to see those people they're hugging, but you don't care why - it's really about their why, not ours.

Mike's "why"

Alex's "why"

I love to tell stories. I've never been a writer and I've never been a speaker but I've found my way to tell stories through video.

A wedding is one of the most important days of our lives. It is a lifelong commitment of two people that love each other more than anything. Think about how cool it would be to experience your grandparents love story on their wedding day! I do this for more than just recreating these special moments. I do this because I want to recreate the feelings, the emotions and tell a story that truly defines a couples love for one another.

We would love to hop on a video call or meet up over coffee (or ice cream!) to get to know what's important to you and see if we're the perfect fit!

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